Fly proofs


There will be 5 targets around the Launch Field:

-Launch Field
-North (ctra. de les Maioles)
-South (Plaça de Cal Font)
-East (Aeròdrom - Ultramagic)
-West (Pla de la Massa)

Download GPS locations:



The competition starts with one hot air balloon (the Hare) lifting off ahead of the rest. The "Hare" balloon will fly for about fifteen minutes before the rest of the balloons (the Hounds) will lift off. The object is for the Hounds to follow the same path as the Hare as accurately as possible. The Hare balloon will change altitudes, looking for different wind currents as if to elude the Hound balloons. Most people do not know there are many different layers of wind currents in which to steer a hot air balloon. After a period of time the Hare balloon will find a suitable landing area and set down. Someone flying in the Hare balloon will get out of the basket and spread out a large "X" on the ground. The Hounds will navigate those different wind currents in hopes of finding the right one that will take them directly over the X on the ground. As they float across the X the pilot drops a beanbag marker, trying to hit the center of the X. After all the balloons have floated across the X and pilots have dropped their beanbags, the competition is over. Measurements are taken for all the beanbags to the center of the X with the closest being the winner.



he pilot flies to a goal declared by the event director. Then he/she drops the marker toward the target. The pilot whose marker was dropped onto or nearest the target is given points.